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Our Story

Many years ago, I embarked on what was to be “my” authentic journey, this led me to my first yoga class. I had no idea yoga and meditation would become the fabric of my life, woven spiritually into my soul. 

I developed an understanding that this 2,000-year-old practice was far less about physical strength or perfect posture and more about acceptance of what “is” here in this moment.

I sought to learn more about the essence of yoga and its centuries-old wisdom. Once I opened the door to yoga, I was completely absorbed. I then went to become Yoga Alliance Certified. 

With my passion to help others, I became Certified Spiritual Coach.

As a teacher, I offer Spiritual coaching, Yoga and Meditation in a small group or private setting. Many of my clients are uneasy in a studio setting, some suffering major life losses.

I offer the notion that everything we need is already within us.

I hope we will be seeing you here on our site. I encourage you to practice with us, shop with us, chat with us. “We” are not “Us” without “You”


Patricia A. Quirk

Founder & CEO