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Hand-Knotted, 108-Bead Mala



This beautiful hand-knotted, 108-bead mala is as fashionable as it is beautiful.

108-bead mala, prayer beads.


Hand-knotted, silk 108-bead mala. Suspended from the strand is a large piece of natural rose quartz . The artisan selects onyx, rose quartz,  amazonite, amethyst, and green agate.   This beautiful, handmade mala is adorned with natural rose quartz and  completed with a silk tassel.

Chakras or energy vortexes correspond to different parts of the body. The clear and light purple stones are associated with the 7th chakra (awareness and wisdom); the purple, violet and indigo gems with 6th chakra (insight and perception), and the blue or light blue with the 5th, that of communication and truth. Green and pink stones are for love and compassion and are linked to the heart, on the 4th chakra. For inner power and will, the 3rd chakra is associated with yellow or brown gems; whereas emotion and sexuality are linked to red and orange gems for the 2nd chakra. Black gems are used to stimulate the 1st chakra, that of stability and security.