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S-Ohm-Mat - Gray

S-Ohm-Mat - Gray

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No-slip!  No slide!  No towel!  No kidding!

Our non-slip, biodegradable mat surface provides all the support and grip you will need, even during your sweatiest practices. Made with natural tree rubber, our non-toxic, non-slip surface offers the ultimate balance between cushioning and grip.

Approx. 7.0 pounds
DIMENSIONS: 73 X 27 INCHES, larger than the industry standard
APPROX: 4.4 mm thickness 

Provides a non-slip surface for any practice.
Earth-friendly, no PVC, no off-gassing, biodegradable, responsibly sourced.
Surfaces are bonded with a heat bonding process, not toxic glues.  All of our yoga mats are free of phthalates and PVC.

We donate a portion of the proceeds from sales of mats to non-profits in our community and around the globe.

Our SohmMat - Gray is a must have for your yogi. With a plush base it's easy to slip on with the velcro strap at the back or use as a mat during hot summers.
Soft material makes them perfect for lounging around. The wide shape of this design allows them to fit all sizes while the veloured bottom ensures they stay in place.
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