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Cosmic S-Ohm-Mat - Galactic Blue

Cosmic S-Ohm-Mat - Galactic Blue

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No-slip!  No slide!  No towel!  No kidding!


This mat's surface is completely non-staining, offering the same non-slip surface as our standard S-Ohm-Mat.

Provides a non-slip, vegan leather surface, perfect for any practice.

Earth-friendly, no PVC, no off-gassing, biodegradable, responsibly sourced.

Surfaces are bonded with a heat-bonding process, not toxic glues.  All of our yoga mats are free of phthalates and PVC.

Approximate Specifications

7 pounds

73 X 27 inches, larger than the industry standard

4.4 mm thickness 

Did you know?

We donate a portion of the proceeds from sales of mats to community mindfulness programs for youth, and non-profits in our community and around the world 🌎 

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