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SoulFriend ® Inversion Sleeves

SoulFriend ® Inversion Sleeves

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Take your inversion practice to the next level with SoulFriend's ® Inversion Sleeves, invented and developed in the USA by the SoulFriend team,  designed to keep you in place while practicing some of your most challenging moves.

The back of the sleeves (triceps) surface is completely non-slip, allowing you to safely and confidently transition to your next pose.

***Sleeves sold in pairs.


We have personally conducted a year-long testing process to provide you with the best product possible in your inversion and balance practice. These sleeves feature the same nonslip surface you will find on our mats.

For any inversion practitioner, these sleeves are a not-to-be-missed item.

Pair with the inversion board to take your practice to the next level.

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